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7. 5 Mindset Blocks Entrepreneurs Face and How to Push Through Them April 1, 2020 / , ,

By Sabrina Philipp

The Sabrina Philipp Podcast
7. 5 Mindset Blocks Entrepreneurs Face and How to Push Through Them

In this episode, I share the top 5 mindset blocks that entrepreneurs face and the practical steps to pushing through them. Having a rock-solid mindset is absolutely key to your success as an entrepreneur, and that starts with busting your blocks and building better, more empowering beliefs.

If you’re ready to upgrade your success mindset and step into your next level, this is your episode.

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Show Notes

Read our transcript below:

(01:27) You are never going to get more than you believe you can have.


The beliefs that we have about ourselves really shape our lives and our destiny. That’s why I want to spend today, and everyday, really focusing on our mindset. It’s up to us to take control of what we believe to be true.


So… what are the 5 Common Mindset Blocks?


(02:53) Worthiness

A lot of us feel that we’re not worthy of good things – this comes from the stories and conditioning we had as children and young people. 

(03:18) The difference between a fact and a belief is that facts are based on evidence that we can see, and beliefs are based on things like opinions and culture. The problem is that most people take their beliefs to be facts. What you believe isn’t necessarily true. 


(04:16) Let’s say you were a rebel at school and didn’t get the grades you wanted, or you didn’t feel cool enough to sit at that table at lunch. You’ve now created a belief that you’re not worthy of good grades or popularity from that situation, from something that happened to you. Now, the cool thing about our minds is that we get to determine what is true.

We can create a new belief. 

(05:05) With worthiness, we are looking for facts, evidence, and validation outside of ourselves. The thing is, worthiness is an inside job. Worthiness comes from within you and nobody else can make you feel worthy. 

(06:15) When I talk about pushing through that mindset block, it’s about remembering what’s actually true and peeling back the layers of what people have told us. “I will be worthy if…”


(06:58) You are worthy because you are. It’s a being not a doing.


(07:09) Worthiness is tied back to our feelings of love and security. That’s why it underpins everything and almost any mindset block relates back to this. Sink back into the truth of who you are, that’s how you push through this block.



(09:43) It’s not happening fast enough

You quit your 9-5 yesterday and you’re not a millionaire today. You launched your program 6 hours ago and haven’t had 100 sales yet. You’ve been grinding for 6 months and you’re not where you want to be. This feeling of ‘it’s not happening fast enough’ also comes from a feeling of unworthiness… but it comes down to fear and scarcity.

(10:20) We have to surrender. It’s all a matter of divine timing. If I believe that, then I don’t need to feel anxious that something isn’t happening yet. I know it’s going to come to me at exactly the right moment. 


(11:20) Miracles do not show up where there is fear. Miracles show up where there is faith.


(11:40) If you put conditions on yourself, then that’s not going to open up the universe to us. We need to open up those timelines and be determined that it’s going to happen no matter what. 


(13:17) Imposter syndrome

This creeps in for a lot of us, me included.

It’s the feeling of “who am I to be doing this? Who am I to be showing up on video and teaching people how to start online businesses? Who am I to be hiring a VA?”


(14:04) Again, this comes back to the mindset wound of worthiness. If we felt worthy, we wouldn’t feel like an imposter. We feel imposter syndrome when we’re moving to the next level up. 

(14:52) What I want you to take away from this is that mindset is a lifelong journey, not a one-and-done, ‘I journaled this out and now I’m fine’. Mindset is about continuously shifting the beliefs that do not serve us.

(15:13) When I feel imposter syndrome, I like to make a list of all of the experiences I’ve had that prove to me that I am a good coach, a good business owner, and a good CEO. Imposter syndrome can be quieted by what we’ve accomplished so far. 

(16:56) The thing is, imposter syndrome makes it about you. But, if you shift the focus to those you’ve helped and those you still want to help – then you’re going to find a way to quiet that noise.


(17:58) Fear of visibility 

This is one of the first real mindset blocks I encountered. I was so terrified of what people might say when I posted on Facebook and said I was starting an online business. I wouldn’t post as much as I needed to, so people wouldn’t have somewhere to judge me or say bad things about me.

(19:05) One of things you can do right now to push through this mindset block is to focus on the service. ‘I believe that I am here to share a message with the world. If I do not show up, people cannot pay me and I cannot help them’. I focus on how much my visibility will help others, rather than my own fear of visibility. 

(19:57) Everyone is afraid of livestreams, right? Well, here’s the thing. I have only had one (not even that bad) bad livestream in 3 years. At the time, there was a trend for people posting livestreams in these specific Facebook groups and getting people to post fake spam comments. The comments were all pretending that it was a couch auction – so people would say ‘how much is that couch? Can you move over so I can see the couch?’. 

I was so confused, but to this day I get comments from people saying I handled that really well.

(21:22) Don’t be afraid of what people might say or do. For your ideal client, there is nothing anyone could say on your livestream that could keep them from wanting to work with you.

(22:10) Maybe you’re worried that you’ll say the wrong thing and not be able to take it back cos it’s live? So what? Just correct yourself and move on – it’s no big deal! 

(22:47) Something that I did before my first livestream, and something that I recommend to all my clients, is do a livestream in a private Facebook group (a group with just you in there). You can listen to it back and get to grips with the technology. You could also ask a friend to show up to your livestream and have your back.


(23:49) Money drama

This mindset block is usually instigated by the beliefs instilled in us by our parents. But, the cool thing about mindset, like I said, is that we get to choose the beliefs that suit and serve us.

(25:25) We all have different priorities around money – but we all need to feel confident in circulating it. If you don’t feel confident around circulating money, that’s because you believe it’s scarce, that there’s only a finite amount of money to be had. The truth is that your financial security comes from you, your skills, and your ability to go out there and generate money… not your bank account.

(26:44) What helps to push through money drama is to figure out what your story is around money. Is your story that money runs out quickly or needs to be hidden away in case something happens? 

Look at your childhood experiences etc. and work out how they’ve shaped your beliefs. Forgive them and unpack them.

(27:55) My mum was super successful, but she held onto every penny she earned. My dad believes you have to work hard, have a plan, and have a budget. I was raised thinking that money had to be worked really really really hard for. I’ve had to let go of that.


(29:00) It’s not about how many hours you put into your business. It’s about how much value you’re putting out into the universe.


So, let’s recap: The 5 Mindset Blocks Entrepreneurs Face are… 

  • Worthiness
  • It’s not happening fast enough
  • Imposter Syndrome 
  • Fear of visibility
  • Money drama.


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Author Bio

Puppy mom, world traveler and online business coach. I’ve spent my entire life doing things a little bit differently than what’s expected. I bet you have too, haven’t you? You little rebel!

Puppy mom, world traveler and online business coach. I’ve spent my entire life doing things a little bit differently than what’s expected. I bet you have too, haven’t you? You little rebel!




Sabrina​ ​Philipp​ ​is​ ​a highly sought after​ ​international​ ​online​ ​business​ coach and strategist who​ ​has​ ​been​ ​highlighted​ ​in​ the pages of ​Forbes, Cosmopolitan, The Independent​ ​and​ ​Business​ ​Insider.

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