April 26th, 3PM-4:30 pm ET

When you join Sabrina for this live experience, you’ll receive a clear, step-by-step plan to: 

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    Stop freaking out over your follower count and start paying attention to the metrics that matter (like sales, client results, and free time on your calendar)

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    Scale to $10,000 a month or greater in your online coaching business (Get your resignation letter ready if you haven’t yet!)

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    Hire your first or next team member, so you can stop being the inbox manager/social media expert/sales person/coach/Canva graphic designer/accountant/copywriter and lean into your role as CEO

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    Sell multiple offers with ease, grace, flow and plenty of time left over to hang out with your friends and fam #puppycuddles

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    Close more sales calls with clients you like so much, you’d invite them to your wedding

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    PLUS a chance to be in the room with Sabrina and get targeted feedback on your business and how it can scale to six-figures with ease

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    AND a copy of the replay so you can listen back to all the $100k goodness any time you want

Hitting 6 figures for the first time is a moment you never forget.

It’s proof that the leap of faith you took paid off. That believing in yourself was the best thing you ever did.

The hours you spent crafting your offer, marketing to your audience, and being an amazing coach all added up to this moment.

Who will you call? Your best friend? Your mom? Everybody who’s number is saved in your iPhone? Better get the Facebook status update ready too, babe, because $10K months will be here before you know it.


The 6-Figure Roadmap Masterclass is the intimate coaching experience your online business has been waiting for. Register before doors close. 

If we haven’t met before, my name is Sabrina. I’ve helped thousands of women shift from wishing their business would grow to watching with a dropped jaw and bug eyes as it happens at the speed of light.

My business journey hasn’t been an average one. In fact, in the first year of business I went all the way from earning $12 an hour as a social media manager to being featured in Forbes and having a $500k launch while living in Bali. I’ve since scaled to multiple-seven-figures as I travel around the world, jumping from amazing city to amazing city, showing entrepreneurs like you how to do the very same.

xo Sabrina