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An Elite, Year-Long Experience For Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready To Start Or Scale the Business Of Their Dreams



The Academy is THE place to hang out with Sabrina and squad — AND get all the strategy and support you need to finally leave your 9-5, grow the business of your dreams, and enjoy all the freedom that comes with it.

Do you ever take a peek at other entrepreneurs’ Facebook pages and Insta feeds and wonder how they have it so lucky?

They’re jetsetting to a new European country every week while you feel blessed just to take an afternoon off. They’re eating croissants in front of the Eiffel Tower and living like Trust Fund babies, and you can’t even remember if you had lunch today.

You’re hurriedly jumping from discovery call to social media post, scrambling to find a minute to send a PayPal invoice and oh yeah, when is the last time you emailed your list?? You can’t remember...

You’ve been working your tail off trying to make this online business work, but you’re not even sure if you’re doing it right. You certainly haven’t had the pay-off you expected, have you?


What’s the solution? Work harder? Like that’s even possible. Everywhere you look, people are telling you that the only way to get ahead is to spend every waking minute with your face buried in your laptop, and it is straight up alarming.

You can’t spend the rest of your life like this, and even if you could, you don’t want to. You know if nothing changes, you’ll wind up exhausted in a hospital bed trying to keep up, but you don’t know what to do about it.

You need a way to live your life AND run your business simultaneously, but with the way things are going it feels downright impossible.

I’m here to tell you, it’s not.

Hustle is an epidemic.
And frankly, it’s not going to get you where you want to go.

Why not try harmony instead?



A business that supports your lifestyle — and not the other way around? You don’t see the point in a running a business if your business is actually running you.


Being totally aligned with what you are meant to do on this planet and reaching millions of people who have been waiting for your unique magic? Your mission has always been a big one, and you’re ready to give it all you’ve got.


Leaving your day job, retiring your spouse or just plain earning enough money that your business easily supports your vision for your life. Every day you wake up in total amazement that you get to do this for a living.


Freedom with a Capital F? That means there’s enough room in your business and your life to indulge your wild-at-heart wanderlust, give you time to relax, fit in your yoga practice, eat a delicious meal with your love, and cuddle with your puppy... AND to get press features, give value to your audience, grow your list, serve your clients and of course, make that precious moolah.


Hiring a team and getting so much support that you’re actually irrelevant in the day-to-day management of your business? Each time you invest in your team, you’re making that dollar back and then ten more on top of it. Even better? You get to reserve your energy for doing what you love: leading, creating and serving.


Major media outlets banging on your door to get a quote, because the knowledge you drop is unparalleled in your industry. You’re seen as the go-to expert everyone wants to know, hire and learn from.


5 figures flowing into your bank account every month from very happy clients who eat up your irresistible offers, book in privately to work with you and tell their friends about how much you’ve changed their life?

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is everything you need to create your own booked out, blissfully balanced online business.

Emphasis on the word “Your.”

This isn’t a cookie cutter online course, because you weren’t made to fit in a mold.

This is a year-long, immersive container designed to meet you at any business level — and give you the exact strategic support you need to get to the next one.




The full Intentional Manageable Profitable© framework that Sabrina used to grow her own business from solo operation to international company


The keys to hitting your income goals time and time again (So long, feast and famine! See you never!)


The secrets to creating a spacious CEO schedule


How to grow your email list into the tens of thousands and beyond — and then get them to excitedly open what you send


The way to develop your unique voice and core message that nobody else can copy


How to master and magnetize your target market, so they can’t help but buy from you


How to put in place systems, structures, and team-members that support your growth, so you can hustle without the headache and build a business that feels good.


The way to master the art of selling, so you never again struggle on a sales call

And, like, oodles more


"You're going to get tactical. The strategy and the mindset, the empowerment, the feeling of being with Sabrina and the skillset that she offers and the mindset coaching that she can deliver. You automatically level up just from a one day experience because you also understand that you are all connected. We're all the same. We're all worthy and we can all do the cool shit we want to do. So, one day with her was probably a better investment than the $12,000.00 I spent on my business coach. Not kidding." 


"I launched my first course. I'm about to launch my second. I've been featured in some huge publications like Forbes, Huffington Post, Nomadic, Intrepid Travel, Rosetta Stone, just to name a few. And I met some really interesting people who have helped me grow and develop as a human being. I'm just about to hit my first six figure business year and it hasn't even been a year actually. It's only been nine months."


"Sabrina helped me start my online business from scratch, giving me the foundation to create a profitable and growing business. I went 88 cents in my bank account to $2000 within a week of our first conversation. She’s helped me find more clients, create more income, and confidence in myself. With her expertise and my work ethic, it feels like there is no limit to what is possible. She is genuinely devoted to the service of helping others, which I find to be rare in this world. Sabrina is my guardian angel."


“Working with Sabrina means more money, more clients, and a business that is aligned with my soul’s purpose. She is THE expert for me and working with Sabrina for a year would be LIFE-CHANGING. She attracts “movers and shakers” to her programs and that means super engaged, focused, supportive, and encouraging groups. The accountability and friendships I’ve developed have been so beneficial to my success and I am eternally grateful I found Sabrina. I sing Sabrina’s name from the rooftops!”

How does it work?

The Academy meets you where you are right now… And then shows you how to get to where you want to go.

Inside this 12-month immersive program, you get 24/7 access to a Facebook group of your peers and highly trained, hand-picked support coaches; weekly business-building activities; weekly coaching threads; regular masterclasses and group coaching calls led by Sabrina and her team, PLUS discounts on all her stuff.

The Academy experience is like having an entire team of business coaches on the ready whenever and wherever you need them — all of whom were selected and trained by Sabrina herself. You’ll be getting access to some of the best coaches in the industry who will be facilitating trainings, answering questions in the Facebook group, and supporting you as you level up in your business.

And when you enroll, you’re given a customized, step-by-step curriculum to follow that’s as unique as you are.  


academy boxshot copy

An entire year inside The Academy, designed to help you build, grow, and scale your dream online business ($48,900 Total Value)


Monthly Live Masterclasses and Coaching Calls taught by Sabrina and team on everything a blossoming entrepreneur like you needs to run their dream business. From launching to social media, hosting sales calls to killing it with your branding, these classes were made to take you from just starting out to scaling to the next level and everything in between ($18,000 Value)


Weekly 90-Minute Q&A Sessions with Coaches where you can get your questions answered and break through to the other side. Hint: it’s where all the money, freedom, impact and adventure is waiting for you! ($7,800 Value)


6-Figure Guest Professor trainings from the experts who have cracked the online business success code on exactly how they did it — so you can too ($5,000 Value)


Weekly Business-Building Activities full of tangible action steps and exercises that will blow the lid off your progress and launch you into forward motion ($2,600 Value)


Dedicated, high-level support coaches who were hand-picked to guide you in this 12-month immersive accelerator ($10,000 value)


A customized study plan so no matter when you join, you know the exact right place to start — no standing in line, feeling overwhelmed, or trying to go it alone here! ($500 value)


The private Academy Facebook group where you have 24/7 access to your high-vibe tribe of entrepreneur friends who are taking this journey to new heights alongside you (Priceless)


Membership pricing and first access to Sabrina's courses, group programs, and live events. #booyah ($5,000 value)


When I first hired Sabrina, it was the biggest investment that I'd ever made in myself. I was doing well in my business, bringing in $5K a month, but I knew I was ready to take it to the next level and that I needed to lean in and find the right coach to support me in my process. And when I found Sabrina I instantly knew that's who I wanted to work with. She walks her talk, her energy is just so magnetic, and it was a full body yes. And so I made the commitment, paid in full, and within 48 hours I made back a third of my investment straight away and it's just been cruising since then.

She is so committed to your success, your business, and to seeing you shining and thriving. And I'm so infinitely grateful. I've broken into my biggest months ever. Last month I made over $20,000 in cash. If you have the opportunity to work with Sabrina, do it. You will not regret it.


I love Sabrina’s energy, presence, and intelligence. You can trust that her advice works because it comes from a place of strategy and experience. Since working with Sabrina, I’ve gained 4 new coaching clients, restructured my team so I could free up more of my time, and I wrote and launched my new book.

Sabrina is able to speak right into my limiting beliefs and help me turn them around. I’ve reconnected back to my why, redesigned my business, opened myself up to receiving more, and strengthened my mindset. I know that she is there to answer my questions, guide me and keep me on track, but also to hold me to a higher standard. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Sabrina.


Sabrina is so intelligent and absolutely committed to providing excellent strategy for client transformation. Above all else, I love her ancient soul! She has a unique ability to masterfully connect to people of all paths, ages, backgrounds. Within 3 weeks of working with Sabrina, I gained 7 clients, and after 5 weeks I quit my day-job! She has helped me ground my business structure and process of service. As a spiritual teacher, I found it difficult to put language to the transformation I give my clients, and Sabrina’s business expertise made this so simple. I recommend her everywhere and to everyone: my newsletter, my social media, my spiritual mentor, my family. Everyone. I am a total Sabrina #fangirl and to work with her for a year would be a real-life miracle. My time with her has magnificently changed the way I see, feel, and operate in my business. I’ve never been this invested in a program before or received so much content. Sabrina is a true leader, living beyond the limitations of the world both grounded and in grace. Thank you for all your work, sister.


I love Sabrina’s heart to genuinely see people win. Her willingness to give information was so incredibly helpful for me as a business owner but also freeing to see the confidence she has in doing this knowing this will likely attract even more clients. I had nothing in place prior to beginning work with Sabrina. Now I have a legally protected business, my very own Facebook group, signature offerings that I am completely confident in, and a soon-to-be-published website! I’ve been booking discovery calls like crazy and I made my first ever sale!

Sabrina's program gave me the structure, knowledge, and confidence to pull the trigger on changing my life and business. I am no longer entertaining limiting thoughts. Like, I literally don't have time for them!The spirit of her group program is very much aligned with who I am in terms of serving and helping so, it has been amazing to be able to engage with like-minded individuals. I recommend Sabrina to people daily and working with her for a year would be LIFE CHANGING.


I love how efficient, effective, chilled, and insightful Sabrina is in her teaching and coaching calls. She has incredible patience, and really listens to you, whilst providing thorough, well thought out answers to your business concerns. My business has a lot more structure now, which has enabled me to be able to receive the increased flow of clients that is coming my way, with greater ease and grace. If my business structure hadn't been there, I could have felt overwhelmed, or could have unconsciously sabotaged it by getting in my own way. I hadn't even thought about getting the legal side of my business sorted, and so through working with Sabrina, I now have a more structured and automated business. Plus, Sabrina has reminded me of the power of intention in creating a heart-centered, yet profitable and manageable business. Sabrina is always evolving her knowledge, so in working with her your business would be abreast of the latest effective business strategies, along with her loving support to guide you to up level in all areas of your life!


If you’re even thinking about clicking away from this page without signing up for The Academy, this is what you need to know first.

When I started Sabrina Philipp International with $800 to my name and no back-up plan, I had no idea how it would grow to become the incredible vehicle for change that it is today.

Each time I think about our half a million dollar+ mastermind launch or our Forbes feature that spread like wildfire or our 20,000-person strong Facebook group or that I’ve been able to bring on nearly a dozen employees into the business alongside me, I can feel the gratitude rise in my heart and the tears well up in my eyes. And I have to remind myself of one very important thing.

I could not have reached this level alone. And if you’re truly honest with yourself, you know you can’t either.

You’ve gotten to where you are in this moment by doing the best that you can. And bravo, because having a business is H-A-R-D work! Which is exactly why you’re here with me right now.

You’re done with the all nighters. You’re sooo over the feast and famine. You’re finished with the endless hustle and the diet heavy in caffeine and salty stress-relieving foods. You refuse to spend the rest of your life as a slave to your dreams, waiting for that magic moment when the floodgates of abundance, alignment and clients burst open and your prayers are finally answered.

You are ready to take that leap of faith now. And The Academy is here to catch you.

This isn’t about investing in another coach or course that’s going to give you high hopes and then let you down. Believe me when I say we are focused on your results, not our sales.

I created the Academy because I have seen it too many times to count — a woman who deeply feels that I can help her create the blissfully balanced business of her dreams, but she’s scared of the investment. Instead, she hires someone else, hoping beyond hope that they can give her what she needs to succeed. But more often than not, these programs and coaches just regurgitate things she already knows. She winds up not only losing her hard-earned money and time she’ll never get back, but also her belief that she can truly have the business she desires.

Don’t let that be your story too.

Here’s a secret: You get to choose your future. No matter where you’re starting from — whether it’s in a full-time job and craving your own biz, or you’re already getting incredible clients but the rest of your life is seriously suffering — The Academy is the year-long container that can change everything for you.  

Love, Sabrina

Yes, I want an online business of my own!

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Let’s make sure this is absolutely perfect for you, shall we? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about The Academy.

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you like puppies, you’re good. If you like beaches, you’re good. If you like making money, you’re good. If you like being in love, you’re good. If you like helping people, you’re good. If you like dessert, you’re good. If you crave LIFE alongside your business, this was made especially for you.

Will this work for me?

We can’t guarantee results, but our past students are out there, overjoyed and screaming from the rooftops!

When does the program happen?

As soon as you enroll! Your membership is active for one year. You can renew as long as you like at the Founding Member lowest-it's-ever-gonna-be rate.

How much access will I get to Sabrina?

You should expect the opportunity to chat with Sabrina on the group coaching calls and in the Facebook group. You should not expect Sabrina to show up to your house and braid your hair, although that would be awesome.

When are the live trainings and masterclasses?

Every month you'll receive a calendar, so you’ll know exactly when and where to show up. We’re in Bali, and we have clients in the US and Europe and... well, pretty much everywhere! We’re very conscious of different time zones, and we'll try to mix it up. And for extra busy bees (or anyone who wants to soak it all in), you also get call recordings.

This sounds amazing, but what if I want more support?

As a member of The Academy you will get first dibs (and discounts) on Sabrina's other courses, group programs, masterminds, and live events for when you're ready to take it to the next level and keep growing in your biz.

Are there refunds?

Hell no.

What do I do if I have more questions?

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Simply email us at support@sabrinaphilipp.com .

The very formal bio of Sabrina Philipp

Sabrina​ ​Philipp​ ​is​ ​an​ ​international​ ​online​ ​business​ ​and​ ​social​ ​media​ ​expert who​ ​has​ ​been​ ​featured​ ​in​ ​Forbes​,​ ​Business​ ​Insider, and Cosmopolitan.

She​ ​helps​ ​entrepreneurs​ ​build​ ​intentional,​ ​manageable,​ ​and​ ​profitable businesses​ ​so​ ​they​ ​can​ ​experience​ ​ultimate​ ​personal​ ​and​ ​financial freedom.
Sabrina launched her business after moving to Bali with $800 to her name. One year later, she has since built a thriving million-dollar business.

Currently​ ​living​ ​in​ ​Bali​ ​with​ her partner Paul,​ ​Sabrina​ ​has​ ​a​ ​loyal​ ​community​ ​of over​ ​75,000​ ​business​ ​owners​ ​who​ ​follow​ ​her​ ​closely​ ​to​ ​see​ ​where​ ​in​ ​the world​ ​she’ll​ ​inspire​ ​them​ ​from​ ​next.

Hi. I see you’ve gotten to the bottom of the page. That looks like a clear sign that you want a Blissfully Balanced (And Money-Making) Business. It’s time to make it official.

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