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My biggest takeaway from experiencing the Bali Mastermind is that you need to believe in yourself. And I think that's the hardest thing.

I was really attracted to the Bali Mastermind, and Sabrina, in general, because of who she is and what she values. I wanted a coach that felt relatable, and had that balance between head and heart, and had that balance between spirituality and strategy. And the fact that she also had dogs, and volunteered, and just seemed really kind of grounded and approachable, was what initially had really attracted me to her.

I really enjoyed working with Sabrina one on one. And I've also really enjoyed our coaching calls, where I get to listen to, kind of, other people's questions, and what they're working on, and to see different perspectives, and different businesses that are out there, and also just realizing that a lot of the struggles and challenges that we have as entrepreneurs are universal, no matter what we're doing, or who we're working with.

It's nice to be able to have a support group that keeps you accountable. I feel like that's a huge thing for me, and for a lot of the people that feel drawn to coaching, and who are entrepreneurs. Because we need that support to stay on track, and to keep going, because I feel like that's also another big key to success, is that you don't give up, and keep going. And if you're doing it by yourself, or on your own, then you're a lot more prone to just give up or throw in the towel early, right before, like, your big break could be around the corner.

So having Sabrina in your corner is just really such an asset to not only, like, growing your business, but also growing as a person, and just having someone that you can go to, and they can also, like, look up to. Because we're all up-leveling, and, you know, she's, for me, at least, personally, she's a couple, definitely a couple steps ahead of me. So it's just nice to feel like we're all growing together, even if it's at different stages.

My biggest takeaway from experiencing the Bali Mastermind is that you need to believe in yourself. And I think that's the hardest thing. When you're starting a business, as you're growing, as you're changing, as you're pivoting. I've pivoted a lot in my business. I actually originally started as a branding and website designer, and I really wanted to move into coaching and healing, more. And that's been something that I've experienced for myself. And having, the confidence and the self-belief, that I can do these things, I feel like that's just something that has been so vital and challenging for me. And I think the biggest takeaway is that having that self-belief, and that confidence, and that drive, and that inner belief, is what will create the success that you crave and that you desire in your business and in your life.

-Lauren West, Life and Business Coach + Energy Healer