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By Sabrina Philipp

If you’re a coach with the heart to serve but your private coaching offers are getting met with crickets, read on.

I have worked with clients in both group and 1:1 settings for years. Both formats deliver massive results for your clients – and for coaches, too! A word of advice? Sell out your 1:1 coaching package first. Your high-ticket offers create an early stream of recurring revenue that give you the confidence and capital to ditch your 9-5, scale your business and never look back. Most 1:1 coaching packages are for 3 to 6 months – the right amount of time for your clients to get results and the right amount of runway for your business to get lift-off.

Not only that, when you’re first starting out, it’s a whole lot harder to fill a group program than it is to get one or two 1:1 clients. Trust me, it takes just as much work to get someone to sign up for a group program as it does a 1:1 program. Your prospective clients will go through the same process of consideration either way. They’ll throw the same objections at you as excuses not to buy from you. Use your energy and my proven methodology to overcome sales objections where it matters most now: your high-ticket 1:1 private coaching package.

Start by creating massive transformation for your private clients, build a testimonial bank, and your reputation will precede you – right into the launch of successful group programs. Do you know that I started my multi-million dollar coaching business with 1:1 clients? This led me to the launch of my exclusive group program The Bali Mastermind. And this earned me a reputation for distinctive transformation that sold out my courses and group programs. The rest is history.

“But Sabrina”, I hear you say. “How can I sell out my 1:1 coaching packages? Where do I start?” 

Hold up, buttercup. I’m going to tell you exactly how you can…

1) Target your client’s transformation

Most coaches will help you create your 1:1 offer by suggesting a time-frame, like 3 months. But what if your client’s transformation actually needs 6 months? You’ve now under-sold yourself and your client won’t be feeling the transformation at the end of your contract. Always start with the transformation first. And always follow a proven methodology.

Whenever I want to create a new, irresistible offer, I go through my  Transformation Process Structure™ framework. It works every time. What’s the transformation you want your client to experience? How can you transform their lives and their business? What’s the process they would need to step through to achieve their desired results? Is it starting a business? Or is it taking control of their mindset? Work out what the actionable process is that will create this transformation. Finally, what’s the structure that will best serve your client?  How often will you meet, how will you communicate and how long will your client need you by their side to achieve their transformation.

2) Sell private coaching like a “launch”

One of the reasons why so many people resist selling private coaching spots is because they think they have to sell it all the time. But what if you only had to sell it two or three times a year? Anytime I sell private coaching I treat it like a launch, so there’s a short time frame when I promote it HARD and there’s built-in urgency so it sells out quickly.

If people think they can work with you whenever it’s convenient for them to sign up, they’ll never sign up. If you have forever to do something, you’re going to take forever to do it, right? 

Back when I had several 1:1 coaching clients at once, I’d only push spots for about a week. When I talked about how few spaces I had left in my coaching calendar, people would jump to sign up! This created a huge cash injection and recurring income for the next 6 months. 

3) Convert One-Time Coaching Sessions into a Package

Ready for a sales psychology pro-tip?

There are loads of inventive ways to upsell people into your private coaching. One of my faves? A one-off VIP session. Offer your audience a one-time private coaching session and deliver massive value, but not all the goods. Knowing you’ve delighted your client and they are hungry for more, up-sell at the end of the call by offering to credit the amount of the one-time session to the cost of the private coaching package.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you have a 3 month coaching package for $2,500. You can offer your audience a 1 hour coaching session for $297. At the end of the 1 hour call, get a quick acknowledgement from your client on the value you provided and then make your offer of your 3-month program with a credit for the session they just had with you.

People LOVE deals! You are getting the full amount for your coaching package and they feel good about the money they are saving as they invest in themselves and their business. 

4) Ask for the sale. Period. 

I know that asking for the sale can feel uncomfortable but guess what? You gotta get over that. Your work is an act of service to the world and you have to own your worth. Be uncomfortable if you have to be, but ask for the sale anyway. I’m going to give you my roadmap to get it done, even when it feels hot.

Otherwise, how will your clients ever say YES?

If you’re able to get someone on the phone but you don’t close them… did you specifically ask for the sale?

I hear you retreating, “Ok, thank you! Well, I’ll email you the proposal! Let me know!” Is that because you think people are going to judge you? Or because you think you can’t ask for that much money? 

I hate to break it to you – but that’s you creating your own sales roadblocks. Do you know that you’re 80% less likely to make the sale if you do it by email than right there and then on your call?  Instead, absolutely ask for the sale when you are talking live with your prospective client. If you can’t overcome their objections and have to send a proposal, ask for a micro-commitment – book in a follow-up call while you’re still on the phone. 

5) Follow up with warm leads! 

The fortune is in the follow-up!

So often I see people just jumping into Facebook groups and posting “BOOK A CALL, BOOK A CALL!” Sales psychology says that you need to have multiple touch-points with someone before they buy from you, so why aren’t you reaching out to people who you’ve already logged a few touch-points with? Reach out to those who engage with your Instagram, downloaded your ebook or filled out a form on your website. These people are ready to say ‘yes’ to you… they already have once! A perfect way to keep tabs and track all of those touchpoints is to use a Lead Tracker. My team uses ours daily and I’ve made a downloaded copy of the exact template we use. Grab your copy here. 

Reach out to these people first – and watch the fortune roll in!

If you liked this post, why not check out my The Sabrina Philipp Podcast for more business building tips – weekly. Come and join me in The Intentional Entrepreneur Facebook group, or follow me on Instagram – it’s time to start and grow your online business! 

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Puppy mom, world traveler and online business coach. I’ve spent my entire life doing things a little bit differently than what’s expected. I bet you have too, haven’t you? You little rebel!




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