Get the trainings and swipe my complete system for commanding premium prices, securing premium clients, and banking premium paydays.

How would your life change if you were making $10,000 or more on every sale……while serving your audience to the BEST of your ability and making an impact you can be proud of?


It’d get a LOT more bougie, right?But taking the leap to low ticket offerings to premium packages can be so confusing as a coach.

Let me guess.You’d love to sell high-ticket offers:

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    I’ll make it so easy for you. Masterminds are hands down the *top offer* for coaches and service providers who are looking for a way to get off the hamster wheel and effortlessly grow their business.

    High-ticket masterminds position you as an expert in your niche without adding an influx of coaching calls to your calendar. They build community without sacrificing intimacy or results for your members. And they usher in repeat clients and recurring payments.

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    I understand that if you’ve never sold a premium before, you might not think your audience is ready. The truth is it doesn’t require years, months or even weeks to release and fill your first high-ticket mastermind.

    As long as you’re creating an offer your audience needs — which I’ll show you how to do inside this masterclass — all you need is faith that the perfect people are already out there waiting for you to launch it.

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    Yes x infinity.

    (Seriously. That’s the whole answer.)

Hi, I’m Sabrina.

I’m a business coach and online strategist. I also became a self-made millionaire at age 23.

I’ve been able to grow my one-woman operation into an international organization with 35 employees, an audience of 200,000 and multiple millions in revenue. The spark that lit the fuse? High-ticket coaching programs.

My first mastermind launch back in 2017 brought in $500,000 in sales. Since then I’ve adjusted my entire business model from one-off courses to premium group programs that I can add several new clients to per week — allowing me to create transformational containers that are designed to serve AND scale.

My mastermind programs have added more than $5 milly to my bank account.

I made over $800k in the DMs last November ‘selling’ to women who were eager to sign up before I even sent over the payment link.

And my client re-sign rate is one of the best in the entire industry.

Now it’s your turn to witness for yourself how a high-ticket group program can change everrrrrrything.



Design an irresistible mastermind with a 5-figure price tag! You’ll discover exactly what to include to get your clients testimonial-worthy results, how to uncover the sweet spot in your niche that only YOU can fill and how to communicate YOUR unique value in such a way that people THANK you as they hand over their credit cards.

Increase your capacity to serve more clients without compromising results or your work-life balance. You're going to learn what it takes to create massive transformation in a larger container, how to set and uphold boundaries, and the processes for navigating client issues. Hello manageable business that makes mega bank.

Map out your mastermind marketing plan! By the time this program ends, you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of what your audience needs to hear to be ready + excited to sign up for your fresh new offer.

Get ready to scale! I'll show you how to sign dreamy high-ticket clients each and every day, through a repeatable, scalable system that doesn't require posting 24/7 or hopping on sales calls.

Let's freaking do this.


You get instant access to 3 workshop recordings where we focus on:

Learn how to structure your mastermind launches, pre-sell them so you’re sold out before cart opens, & create a hot audience ready to buy.

Deliver epic results in a group container, build community, increase client retention, and track client success metrics.

Hold space for more clients, create a rolling enrollment process, bring on support coaches, sell in the DMs, and create an evergreen sales funnel.



melissa lin

This is the most supported I've ever felt in my business!

When I joined I was making $20k months, and I recently reached my first $100k month!

I expanded my team, was able to shift to 20-hour work weeks, and I have completely transformed the backend of my business so that it can run on auto-pilot.

Sabrina truly cares for her clients and this is the most supported I've ever felt in my business. She knows exactly what I need, both mindset and strategies. Sabrina genuinely cares and wants everything and more for me. She challenges me and pushes me beyond any other mentor because she believes in me fully.

Sabrina is amazing and this has been one of my best investments in my business LOVE YOU XOXOXO


chichi eruchalu

I love Sabrina’s energy, presence, and intelligence.

You can trust that her advice works because it comes from a place of strategy and experience. Since working with Sabrina, I’ve gained 4 new coaching clients, restructured my team so I could free up more of my time, and I wrote and launched my new book.

Sabrina is able to speak right into my limiting beliefs and help me turn them around. I’ve reconnected back to my why, redesigned my business, opened myself up to receiving more, and strengthened my mindset. I know that she is there to answer my questions, guide me and keep me on track, but also to hold me to a higher standard. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Sabrina.


veronica mobley

I love Sabrina’s heart to genuinely see people win.

Her willingness to give information was so incredibly helpful for me as a business owner but also freeing to see the confidence she has in doing this knowing this will likely attract even more clients. I had nothing in place prior to beginning work with Sabrina. Now I have a legally protected business, my very own Facebook group, signature offerings that I am completely confident in, and a soon-to-be-published website! I’ve been booking discovery calls like crazy and I made my first ever sale!

Sabrina's program gave me the structure, knowledge, and confidence to pull the trigger on changing my life and business. I am no longer entertaining limiting thoughts. Like, I literally don't have time for them!The spirit of her group program is very much aligned with who I am in terms of serving and helping so, it has been amazing to be able to engage with like-minded individuals. I recommend Sabrina to

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Become A Mastermind Millionaire?

A: Become a Mastermind Millionaire is 3-part training series, recorded live in March 2022. In it you’ll learn how to create, structure and sell high-ticket group coaching programs.

Want to raise your rates and fill your roster with premium clients who re-sign again and again and again…

…regardless of your niche?
…regardless of how long you’ve been a coach?
…regardless of how big (or small) your network is?

This is for you!

Q: Ok, Sabrina, but what if I’ve never sold high-ticket before? Like…am I allowed?

A: Not only are you allowed — you’re ENCOURAGED! High-ticket programs get your clients better results because they’ll value you more. They weed out Discount Debbies who are on the hunt for the most affordable coach in town. And they facilitate the future of your business by providing large incoming deposits and recurring revenue you can count on.

Q: How soon after the program can I start to sell high-ticket programs?

A: How about the second you watch the first training? If you follow the clear framework I lay out for you, you’ll be able to start selling high-ticket programs and masterminds right away. You have the workshop recordings so you can come back to them anytime your new offer evolves.

Q: Can I sign up later?

A: No. These recordings are only available for purchase for a limited time.