Want to make the most of Black Friday 2022? You’re invited to…


This 5-day bootcamp is everything you need to make this your biggest Black Friday EVER…without stressing out!

Black Friday is one of the best sales opportunities of the year!

But too many people wait until the last minute to whip something up.

They’re stuck spending Thanksgiving anxiously writing emails, social posts, and *cringe* maybe even a sales page.

Sounds stressful AF, right?

Now, picture this instead.

It’s the morning of Black Friday, and you’re kicked back on the couch with a delicious whipped cream-topped pumpkin pie totally relaxed while listening to the delightful “ding“ of sales notifications coming through on your phone.

Which sounds better to you?

Trick question! Of course, we want to relax while sales come through.

That’s why, for the first time ever, I’m offering you the chance to join my Black Friday Bootcamp.

I’ve been running this Bootcamp for years inside my Accelerator program (with AMAZING results), but this year I want to open it up to everyone.

If you want a huge cash infusion before the end of the year, Black Friday Bootcamp is for you. (I’ve had students make six-figures over that weekend, btw!)

So let’s talk about what’s inside

What to sell

Sometimes the hardest part of a Black Friday sales strategy is deciding what to sell! That’s why you need to look at what offers you currently have first. Then you can decide if you want to focus on one of those or come up with something brand new.

So if you’re a little fuzzy on what you’d like to sell this Black Friday, the Bootcamp is for you 😉

Pricing strategies

People expect crazy good deals on Black Friday, and we don’t want to disappoint. (Because if you do, your phone will NOT be popping with sales notifications bestie.)

But what kind of discount should you offer? I’ve got you. We’ll talk about how low you can go or how high you can try based on what I’ve seen succeed over the past x years in the online business space.

Content calendar

Don’t want to be stressing the night before about what you should say to get sales streaming in? Set up a content calendar!

A content calendar will help you decide what your core message is, what platforms you plan to use (Instagram? Tiktok? Email?), and how many days you are going to be showing up and selling your Black Friday offer.

Psst - when you plan ahead, you see more sales. I promise!

Preparing your assets

Speaking of planning ahead, just having a content calendar isn’t enough. That’s why you’ll also need to decide what you need and when you’re going to create your assets!

Best of all, in the Bootcamp I’m going to give you some amazing templates to help you get your ass(ets) in shape well before Black Friday rolls around.

Finishing strong

Let’s be real clear though, none of that matters unless you actually do it! Finishing strong means putting it all together, including working on your Black Friday mindset.

Because here’s a little secret. If you don’t have your mindset right, none of the other stuff matters.

What does it look like when you combine incredible offers, planning, and mindset?A little like this…

Hi, I’m Sabrina. I’m a business coach and online strategist. I also became a self-made millionaire at age 23.

I’ve been able to grow my one-woman operation into an international organization with 35 employees, an audience of 200,000 and multiple millions in revenue. And a good portion of that revenue came from strategically planned launches and yes, Black Friday sales.

I regularly have sales notifications pinging my phone despite the fact that I spend most of my time just living my beautiful life. (If you follow me on Insta, you know I love my hot girl walks with Bonnie, long meals with my husband, and traveling whenever I can.)

I want to help you kick off that kind of experience this Black Friday.

And I can help you do that because of the kind of business that I’ve created for myself.

The kind of business that has had me featured in huge publications like Forbes, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, GoalCast and more.

The kind of business that has led me to work with more than 100,000 women who are building intentional, profitable businesses.

The kind of business that brings in multiple seven-figures annually…and led to 23 of my own clients hitting $1M+ a year, too!

Let’s start your journey to this kind of business this Black Friday!


Black Friday Bootcamp is the 5-day bootcamp to prepare you with everything you need to make bank this Black Friday while you relax and enjoy the holiday.

How will it work?

As soon as you click that button and purchase, you’ll get an email with all the delicious details. But here’s the basics:

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    One live training session each day for a week, covering everything you need to know to rock Black Friday

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    Access to my exclusive template library to help you knock out that content calendar + assets

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    Private Facebook group support for one week

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    Lifetime access to all replays

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Black Friday Bootcamp?

A: A 5-day live bootcamp that teaches you everything you need to make this your biggest Black Friday EVER…without stressing out! This is something I’ve run in my accelerator program for years, but this is the first time I’m offering to everyone!

Q: When is it being held?


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