A 12-month private coaching experience with Sabrina Philipp

You’re already killing it in your business, but you’ve got your sights set on taking over the internet … and the world while you’re at it.

You’ve always been the sort of woman with goals that make other people quake in their boots. You can’t help it. It’s just the way you’re wired.

The level of adventure, the level of freedom, the level of cash, the level of impact, and yes, even the level of fame you want for yourself is SO MUCH MORE than anyone taught you to believe in.

But you don’t mind. You know it’s all within your reach, and you’re ready to link arms with the right mentor to help you capture it.

I get it. Good enough was never good enough for me either. That’s exactly what allowed me to scale Sabrina Philipp International from just me, my laptop and a few $12/hour clients to a global brand that earns more than a million dollars a year.

So how about we shamelessly work together to get you everything you deserve too?

cant you just picture it now?

Your revenue rising like the temperature on a blazing hot day. From 5-figure to 6-figure months and beyond, from launches that pay the bills to launches that pay entire salaries, from earning enough to be comfortable to earning enough that you could retire (not that you would, because you love what you do, of course!), there’s no limit to how big your business can grow.

You, free as a bird to hop as many planes, trains, or yachts you can dream of. Pack your suitcases and renew your passport, because your biz gives you all the flexibility and time off to travel as much as your heart desires.

Having your own massive, loyal audience who drink up your offers like bottomless mimosas at brunch with the girls.

Feeling the sand between your toes, the breeze in your hair, and the joy in your soul as you take your business to the top of your industry...and get paid more than you ever thought possible.

Being the go-to expert your clients (and their friends, and their friends) go gaga for. It’s like selling without selling, as your inbox fills with messages from people can’t wait to work with you, your livestreams get their own fan club, and everything just feels easier.

You + Me + 12 Months Together

Watching as you land perfectly aligned client after perfectly aligned client, who are thrilled to sign up for your offers and pay you the premium prices you deserve #ofcourse

Scaling your business into multiple-6-figure, even 7-figure territory — while still having the freedom to sleep in, travel the world, and work in your Lululemon pants

Letting everything you don’t love to do fall away, creating the space for you to live + work + play as the CEO

Selling out your online programs (even if your list is teeny tiny right now)

Expanding your social media following, growing your Facebook group, and landing major media opps that will make everyone in your industry jelly #sorrynotsorry

53% increase in revenue compared to this time last year

Sabrina is a brand building guru.  She has this amazing ability to analyze a business or business idea + see the path to profit...all while building a deep connection with your target audience.  Her smart strategies + easy-to-implement tactics give you the roadmap to hitting the six-figure ceiling you’ve been dreaming of. And if that wasn’t enough…her warm, genuine, and vibrant attitude are infectious.  She’s been a complete joy to work with + learn from. I have two businesses, and Sabrina has helped grow both of them! My product-based business has seen a 53% increase in revenue compared to this time last year….and I’ve only implemented a small fraction of the tactics I’ve learned in the program so far. On top of that, my new service-based business will launch later next month + I’ve already landed 3 clients.  Woohoo! I now understand what it takes to run a successful, profitable service-based brand which also aligns with my personal values + brand mission. What sets Sabrina apart from the rest of the coaching world is her framework — Intentional, Manageable, + Profitable. As a mom, wife, + business owner every minute counts…and with only one life to live, I seek to live it out well. It’s extremely important to me to have a business strategy that aligns with my values + life purpose, all while being profitable.  Sabrina has delivered just that through her framework! However, it’s her approach to creating an intentional + manageable way to scale is the priceless. I’m a big fan of the way Sabrina has structured her group programs. With most group programs you get just that…a group-only setting. Don’t get me wrong, the many benefits of group programs is the support + accountability you get from others going through the same business journey. Would I recommend Sabrina? Umm…yes, duh! LOL. She’s beyond amazing to work with in a group or 1:1 setting.  Her attention to detail + guidance is world class. I don’t doubt that working with Sabrina would result in mind-blowing results. We’re talking six-figures + beyond..

-​​Rachel​ ​Davis​ ​Thompson,​ ​Brand​ ​Strategist​ ​+​ ​Systems​ ​Guru

Kari Yasi

One of the best business decisions I have made — ever

Hiring Sabrina was one of the best business decisions I have made — ever. She overdelivers, communicates clearly, and is fully present when working with her. One of the reasons I have been so thrilled to work with Sabrina is because she “got” me and my brand right away. She really understood my vibe and who I was attracting as my soulmate clients.
She has challenged me, understood me, and really given me the confidence to rock who I truly am in my life and business. I am so thankful for Sabrina and would recommend her work to anyone who is ready to let the world see who they truly and are and what gifts they have to share with the world.

– Kari Yasi, Coach and Healer


  • 12 months of personalized, private support from me directly

  • Unlimited coaching calls to help you soar past your limits, turn the volume way up on your sales, build out healthy business boundaries, and scale your income as you get paid to do what you love — from anywhere, anytime, and on your terms

  • 4 in-person intensives where we will dive deep together and create the wildly intentional, manageable, and profitable action plan that will have you taking over your industry not years from now but today — because “paying your dues” is such an outdated way of thinking, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Access to all the courses, programs and retreats I release. When I say you get all the support I’ve got, I really mean it.

Your investment for all of this undivided attention? $75,000 paid in full


Sabrina is honestly the best business coach I have ever worked with or met.

Sabrina is honestly the best business coach I have ever worked with or met. She will be my business coach for life, I love her so much and what she has done for me and my business. I love Sabrina's approach. She is very kind, caring and genuinely wants what's best for you. She is gentle but yet pushes you to reach your maximum potential. I have increased my income and my following on social media exploded as well as my email list. My engagement went from really nothing to exploding within like 2 weeks. It was insane and that led to paying clients! Sabrina helped me figure out packages, what to charge and how to get that all set up and running like a pro. She helped me set up free trainings and supported me every step of the way. Commenting and sharing my work! Do not waste your time with other business coaches. Sabrina knows what's up and will help you get anything you’re looking for! She is a woman of her word and her support is absolutely amazing! She honestly is the most down to earth online guru I have met, and if you work with her, you would probably watch your business and personal development (because she pushed you in that way too - without even making it seem that's what she's doing, she is that good) grow beyond your wildest dreams! If you are considering making the investment to work with her, I would definitely say DO IT!!!!  Your business will never be the same in the best way possible.

- Trisia Kimmy, Healing Guide + Spiritual Teacher

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I’ve replaced my corporate salary, added my first team members, booked high-paying clients, and become a stronger coach myself.

Since working with Sabrina I’ve replaced my corporate salary, added my first team members, booked high-paying clients, and become a stronger coach myself. No matter what is going on in my life or business, strategy sessions with Sabrina are always the highlight of my week. Our calls together give me laser-focused clarity around my business priorities and always make me feel confident in the direction I am headed. Working an entire year with Sabrina is the ideal opportunity to GO BIG and never look back. It doesn’t take long to see results with Sabrina, I can only imagine the massive breakthroughs people will experience over the course of a year working together. On top of her private coaching, her group programs are unlike anything else. Every week is jam-packed with tactical advice to move your business forward without hesitation. The community of heart-centered and inspiring entrepreneurs in the course alone makes it an incredible group to be apart of. Through her group program, I’ve launched my first tripwire product and course, have made sales in my sleep and my confidence has grown immensely in both life and business with Sabrina by my side. I always recommend everyone should have a coach (even us coaches)!  Sabrina offers the perfect blend of mindset and strategy, I cannot recommend working with her enough.

- Lexi Schaffer, Business Strategist & Success Coach


The perfect mix of strategy and implementation.

Sabrina is an absolute whiz at online business and social media marketing. She’s helped me with my content and my Pinterest in ways that I never thought anyone could.  Sabrina’s work was the perfect mix of strategy and implementation and was exactly what I needed in my business. She also included my team in this process, which I was so delighted by. Sabrina swooped in, allowed my OBM to join us on our call, shared brilliant strategy, and set it all up. I couldn’t have asked for a better, more helpful or integrated experience.  If you’re on the fence about getting Sabrina’s hands on your business, I assure you that it’s a complete no-brainer!

– Lacey Sites, Business Mentor


Working with Sabrina means more money, more clients, and a business that is aligned with my soul’s purpose.

Sabrina is down-to-earth, an expert in her field, and super supportive -- no matter your level in business. Working with Sabrina means more money, more clients, and a business that is aligned with my soul’s purpose. She has enabled me to build my business from the ground up and her program has been immensely valuable (and totally crucial) in the success I’ve felt in launching my business. I’ve learned how to grow an audience, align my purpose with my gifts and messaging to get visible, attract soulmate clients, and all the techy how-to’s of the practical side of managing a business. I am supported in literally all areas -- spiritually, mentally, strategically, and physically. I believe in myself, more and more every single day. She is THE expert for me and working with Sabrina for a year would be LIFE-CHANGING. She attracts “movers and shakers” to her programs and that means super engaged, focused, supportive, and encouraging groups. The accountability and friendships I’ve developed have been so beneficial to my success and I am eternally grateful I found Sabrina. I sing Sabrina’s name from the rooftops!

- Ellyse Howe, Empowerment Coach

Trust me when I say this private coaching experience isn’t for everybody.


  • You’re seriously ready to do what it takes to have everything you want in your business and your life. That means no holding yourself back, no chickening out, and no waiting until everything is perfect in order to take action. The entrepreneurs who succeed are the entrepreneurs who make no excuses

  • You already have a 6-figure business under your belt, and you’re looking to scale it quickly and gracefully  

  • You want to learn from someone who knows how to disrupt the status quo, flip the script, and forever change the way you think about your business, so you can get the type of epic results that are reserved for big dreamers and timeline shrinkers

  • You’d love your business to feel like play, your programs to be profitable, and your impact to be global

About your coach Sabrina

Sabrina​ ​Philipp​ ​is​ ​an​ ​international​ ​online​ ​business​ ​and​ ​social​ ​media​ ​expert who​ ​has​ ​been​ ​featured​ ​in​ ​Forbes​ ​and​ ​Business​ ​Insider​ ​in​ ​a​ ​BIG way.

She​ ​helps​ ​entrepreneurs​ ​build​ ​intentional,​ ​manageable,​ ​and​ ​profitable businesses​ ​so​ ​they​ ​can​ ​experience​ ​ultimate​ ​personal​ ​and​ ​financial freedom. Sabrina launched her business after moving to Bali with $800 to her name.

One year later, she has since built a thriving million-dollar business.

Currently​ ​living​ ​in​ ​Bali​ ​with​ her two pups,​ ​Sabrina ​has​ ​a​ ​loyal​ ​community​ ​of over​ ​75,000​ ​business​ ​owners​ ​who​ ​follow​ ​her​ ​closely​ ​to​ ​see​ ​where​ ​in​ ​the world​ ​she’ll​ ​inspire​ ​them​ ​from​ ​next. ​

It’s OK to have questions. Here are the ones I get asked the most:

Is this only for business coaches?

Nope! I have clients who are manufacturing products, building graphic design empires, creating break-up-proof marriages, selling online courses and more. If you want to scale your business — no matter what your business might be — this is a good fit for you.

Will this work for me?

We had about 20 people quit their 9-5s during the last group program, and we go way deeper in this one. We can’t guarantee results, but our past students are out there, overjoyed and screaming from the rooftops!

What do I do if I have more questions?

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Simply email us at .

Your investment for all of this undivided attention? $75,000 paid in full